Our Produce

We can offer a wide range of meats including beef, lamb and pork all sourced from trusted local farmers. We also offer poultry, game, short back smoked or streaky bacon, gammon and home cured short back and home cured streaky bacon, and make a variety of sausages and burgers on the premises.

Home cooked meats including ham, smoked ham, roast beef, roast pork, tongue and turkey. Also corned beef, black pudding, faggots and pork pies are bought in from very reputable suppliers.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer a high standard of service and are there to help with any questions you may have or advice you may need. We do not package anything, it is all cut to your requirements so the amount you buy is up to you.

Our History

F.E. Ellis Butchers is a family business presently run by fourth generation brothers Brian and Kevin. It was started by their great grandparents in 1932, F.E being the initials of great grandmother Florence Eleanor.

Their two sons, Arthur and Jim carried the business on through the War years and beyond.

Arthur's son, Ken, then came into the business in 1962 and is now semi-retired, leaving his two sons, Brian and Kevin to move the business forward into the next modern generation.

5 out of 5!

We are a proud butcher with a 5 star rating Food Hygiene Rating.